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In principle our tourist operation in souther angola comprise of three major facilitators. safaris namibe limitada: a namibian / angolan joint venture registered in angola with diversified interests in the angolan tourism and service industry. angola safaris: a namibian owned with extencive experience in african safaris and tourism in general. our promotion base includes: - fishing trips - 4x4 and camping safaris - camping sites - exclusive marketing for safaris namibe (angola) b-mobile: a windhoek (namibia) based company highly specialized in 4x4 car rentals fully equiped for camping and serious bundu expeditions. reasonably priced early morning flights from johannesburg or capetown on thursdays and sundays comfortably connects from windhoek to land in lubango(angola) around noon on the same day from where you will be met by our guide to immediately commence your angolan safari. imagine. its that simple! thus on a fly-in basis, the day of arrival and departure included, a 4,5,8,11,15 and 18 day safari option exists to facilitate your pocket and schedule. in the event that you wish to drive up(4 to 5 days one way from south africa) we can still accomodate you providing you with valuable information, camping facilities and possibly a guide with back-up vehicle an in the unlikely event, a recovery service and replacement vehicle.

Fishing trips

the diverse geography of the souther coast of angola can be divided to acommodate three distinctly diffirent types of sport fishing. time, cost and personal preference will determine choice of combination. south of namibe towards the kunene rivermouth sandy beaches flanked by dunes are typical. gentle inshore slopes often followed by shallow sandbanks and typical atlantic waves is home to abundant stocks of kabeljou, shark and a variety of smaller species. the coastline noth of namibe is mostly characterized by steep, high cliffs and deep clear water. beatiful bays with sandy beaches intermits. a big variety of species promises to test any anglers experience and ability to the max. deepsea chrters covers a variety of species including tuna, dorado, shark, ray and the most coveted trophy of all the oceans - the majestic blue marlin. like everywhere else, successful catches depends on season, phase of moon, location, the right choice of equipment, experience and naturally, a line in the water.

Photographic safaris

central and southern angola is host to a very large variety of landscape, flora, fauna,mountains,rivers and colourful portuguese colonial styled villages and cities. from lubango and humpata on the high huila plato with its subtropical climate and vegetation the landscape rapidly changes towards namibe in the mocamedes desert which resembles the namib desert, damaraland and kaokoveld of namibia. fruits are plentiful and vegetables which is grown year round, is sold next to the road. colorful and friendly indigenous pople will be met along the way. the northern coastline is chaacterized by steep cliffs and beatiful bays with sandy beaches while the southern coastline resembles the skeleton coast of namibia. considering angolas past history of civil war, the prevailing peacefullness and practical absence of criminality is nothing short if incredible. due to lack of infrastructure countrywide, comping ot in the wild under professional guidance and utilizing state of the are and fully equiped 4x4s with substantiol technical back-up currently is the only available option.


the "parque de campismo" is situated in the heart of namibe next to the beach (praia de miragens). facilities include: - over 16000 square meters walled in - plus minus 30 camping sites (4 persons per site) - 24 hour guard service - illuminated at night - lots of shady trees - portuguese cuisine resaurant/bar - kitchenware wash-up - information / internet service - braai places - wc units - cell phone reception - swimming pool - firewood and charcoal - guided safaris
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Angola Safaris Fishing Photographic Camping Trips Tours Adventures Marlin Angola Safaris Fishing Photographic Camping Trips Tours Adventures Marlin Angola Safaris Fishing Photographic Camping Trips Tours Adventures Marlin

Angola Safaris specialises in guided overland, 4x4, camping style, photographic tours and fishing trips mainly in the South Western region of Angola on a fly-in (Lubango, Angola) or accross border basis via Oshikango or Ruacana, Namibia. In addition we also provide experienced guides for self drive groups and consultancy service in planning and proposing practical and exicting itineraries.

Angola Safaris Fishing Photographic Camping Trips Tours Adventures Marlin